Every Win You Get Is The Most Important Win


The most important thing you’re going to do today isn’t the previous one. It’s not even the big thing you have to do in two weeks. No, the most important thing you have to do is the next thing you have to do.

This comes up over and over again in success stories. While it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, you have to take things one step at a time. Your blog isn’t likely to have 100,000 subscribers overnight. As a blogger, your most important task is winning at your next post.

As an athlete, your most important task is not yesterday’s training session, but today’s.

As an employee your boss doesn’t want you to focus on next month’s code, either. Just win today’s task.

Small wins add up to become big wins.


The Best Laid Plans Don’t Work. Here’s Why.


I like planning things out. I’m sure you understand. But I like to plan things out a bit too much. I try to plan things out with very, very limited information.

There are just things that you can’t account for until you have all the details, which you can’t get until you’re there. At times like that, you have to wing it. Let go of the fear. Things will work out, for sure.

Confessions of a Judgy Person

I consider myself pretty high on the nonjudgmental person scale. I’ve excised the social conditioning imposed upon me on the nonjudgmental basics. I support LGBT rights, condemn racism, and respect people’s religions, or lack thereof. I try my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Despite these efforts, my brain still manages to be quite the a-hole. My knee-jerk reaction is still, even after all this time, to judge people based on my first impression of them.

I saw an obese woman ride the elevator down for just one floor. My brain instantly thinks: oh, that must be why she’s so fat. She’s lazy. This thought comes unbidden, and I was horrified upon realizing that was what I thought.

Sometimes I judge couples based on their actions, basing my judgment on my tiny sample size of successful couples who don’t live in their own bubble. But really, why do I even care?

I have my own issues, and I’m projecting them onto others. That’s what happens when one person judges another. We should all be aware when the situation is not actually not about others, but rather, about ourselves.

Judging really gets you nowhere. It didn’t lead me anywhere. All it did was waste my time and mental energy. It just fills you with negativity about things you know nothing about.

I will continue trying to make myself a better, that is, non-judgy, person, and I hope you do, too.

And to those people I’ve judged, although you won’t ever know it, I really am sorry.

Does Instant Success Count?

Everyone has probably dreamed of winning the lottery at some point in time. Even those who don’t buy lottery tickets.

Winning the lottery means instant riches, but is it instant success? I vote no. It could mean instant financial stability. It could mean near-unlimited (or so we seem to think) travel funds. But it isn’t success.

What about overnight successes like Susan Boyle? I would argue that stories like these aren’t instant success stories. In fact, overnight success is the manifestation of the last mile of a marathon that has been going on for years and years. Susan Boyle wasn’t born with those singing skills. She still worked for it, for most of her life.

There is no such thing as instant success. All success stories have involved luck and hard work. One of those factors is in your control, and it’s not your luck.

Have faith in the process.

How to Wake Up Early

I cannot stress the importance of sleep. As humans, we just simply don’t function well when we lack sleep. Lack of sleep even makes you gain belly fat. If you’re chronically sleep-deprived and don’t agree with me, you’ve become numb to the effects. Try sleeping well for a few weeks and feel the difference. You’ll feel so much better.

In order to get a great night’s sleep, you have to turn off your lights. That’s non-negotiable. Humans have evolved to sleep best when there is very little light around.

If you want to get an early start, you need to sleep early, too. Early to bed, early to rise still applies. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Now, when you want to get up early, just focus on one thing once your alarm goes off: turning on all the lights. Don’t think about what you have to do for the day just yet. Don’t think about your workout. Just turn on the lights.

Once the lights are on, there just isn’t much reason left to continue sleeping. You will get up. Then you can really start your day.

If you want to get anything started, you should turn on the lights in your life, too. 🙂

Stop Dressing to Impress.

You can dress to impress, or dress to express. You can try to change how you dress to fit with the norm. You can go for “wearable makeup looks” all the time. And if this is really you, then it’s fine. But if it’s not you, why suppress yourself?

You can try to mold yourself to please those around you, or you can be yourself.

I’ve always leaned towards supporting self-expression. Do no harm, and just be yourself. If people around you can’t handle it, then they shouldn’t be around you. The people who truly care about you will love and support you no matter what you wear, say, or do. These people, not the ones who bring you down, deserve your time and love.

Dress to express yourself, instead.


Disclaimer: I did not, I repeat, did not, recommend that you should violate your office dress code or wear something outrageous to a job interview. ^_^

Competition Should Be Part of Your Life, Because..

Competition is something that we’re made to do all the way from childhood. Your parents made you compete with other kids in academics, sports, and other things. If you won, you were praised. If you lost, you were consoled.

As an adult, you competed in university, and later on in the workplace. Everyone wants to be better than everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You should compete, but instead of competing with others, compete with yourself. Always comparing yourself with others doesn’t end very well.

What’s important is being a better person than you were yesterday. Be a more productive worker. Learn one more thing than you did yesterday. Set a new personal record on your back squat today. Drink one less soda than you did yesterday. As long as you’re better each and every day, you will succeed.

If you don’t compete at all, you stagnate. If you compete with others, you will feel inadequate. Competing with yourself is the best thing you can possibly do.

You Should Look Good During a Workout. Here’s Why.

Today, I came across this article: 11 ways to look cute while working out

Lip gloss I like a little color on my lips to match my rosy workout glow. O-Gloss by Smashbox is amazing, because it gives your lips a natural color and keeps them hydrated and soft.

Ehem. I can’t say I agree with the tips said in that article (rosy workout glow, seriously?), but she has a point. It’s important to look good while working out, because it makes you feel good, as well. I know this from experience. A new sports bra or pair of shoes always makes me feel good when working out, and this directly translates to my performance in the gym.

There’s a reason CrossFit culture thrives on apparel and gear sales. People own multiple lifting shoes and strength wraps. Simply put, it feels cool.

If you have the budget, spring for some new workout gear. Who knows, you could set a new personal record because of it.

Your Disappointments Will Turn Into Triumphs

Life has its ups and downs. Here’s the good part: As long as you don’t let them drag you down, those disappointments will always turn into success. As long as you keep trying.

A failure now is just a fork in the path to something even better. You don’t know that for sure now, but you will. Hindsight is 20/20, after all.

So You’re Really Annoyed.

this happens to me, too. -from pinterest

this happens to me, too. -pic from pinterest

Whenever a waiter messes up my order, or some customer service guy can’t assist me properly, or the neighbors are being noisy, I try remind myself: I mess up too. If I’m allowed to mess up, so should they.

Besides, we can’t change other people, but we can change how we react to them. This sort of thing happens everyday. You don’t have to let that guy who poured mustard on you ruin your whole day. If he says sorry, give him a genuine smile and let it slide. Even if he doesn’t, what good does staying angry for two more hours do? It only hurts you.

So do yourself a favor and be a little more forgiving. 🙂