Facing that Fear of Failure


I am seconds away from doing something I have never done before: releasing my first app for Android.

I’m scared: What if nobody downloads it? What if something goes wrong? What if people hate me for releasing this?

I’m apprehensive: What if it’s buggy? What if I get 9,876,457 bad reviews?

I’ve gotten nightmares wherein I released apps and it turned out badly.

These fears are unfounded, I tell myself. But they’re not really unfounded, they can technically actually happen.

Then again, even if they happen, they don’t mean anything to me at all. I won’t be less of a person because nobody downloads the app, or even if everybody hates it. It would mean that I made mistakes, but these are mistakes I can learn from.

There really isn’t a risk here. I am holding myself back.

It’s time to Just Do It.

Here it is, an app for finding dozens of Magic: The Gathering card shops all over Manila. It’s called HanapMTG. It’s only available in the Google Play store for the Philippines.

Get it on Google Play


Mystery Manila: The Ticking Time Bomb Experience


Mystery Manila is one of the first real-life escape room games that have recently launched here. They have several challenges to choose from, each with their own theme.

I was lucky enough to be a win one of the free games they raffled off on one of their Facebook promotions. I, along with four of my friends, won a free game to their new challenge, the Ticking Time Bomb.
From their website:

“You are all part of Metro Manila’s elite bomb squad and have been called to disarm a ticking time bomb placed by a deranged psychopath at the heart of the city. To solve the mystery, you may need to go outside Mystery Manila and explore the nearby areas by foot to look for important clues. You have 90 minutes to disarm the bomb before it explodes.
Solve quickly.

For this challenge, players are given 90 minutes to solve the mystery. If the group manages to solve it in 45 minutes or less, each member gets a free shirt. If they manage to solve it in 90 minutes or less, each member gets a pen instead.

Be warned that the Ticking Time Bomb (TTB) is not an escape room game, unlike their two other rooms, the Chained Chamber and Justice for Jamila. TTB is an Amazing Race-esque experience. If you’re looking for an escape room experience, you’re probably better off trying one of the other challenges. Also, TTB requires some outdoor legwork, so prepare yourself accordingly.

TTB is actually an exciting experience, requiring the team to work together to look for clues and solve problems. You get to run around the nearby areas and feel like a detective. The Mystery Manila team was very accommodating. Unlike the other rooms, TTB doesn’t involve a Game Master in the experience, so it feels more real.

How did we do?


We just missed winning a shirt! 😦 We got a pen each instead.


Bottomline: The Ticking Time Bomb is an exciting outdoor experience. To me, though, if I had to pay 400 pesos or so, I would probably pick one of the other rooms, which have more of a different mystery factor. I would definitely come back to Mystery Manila to try one of their other rooms.

Silicon Valley, the show

Silicon Valley is an HBO series that just recently concluded it’s first season. I have to say that this show is extremely inspiring. As a young developer who lives in the Philippines, not only does this give me a glimpse of what “The Valley” is like, it also has me laughing my ass off every thirty seconds.

One can relate with the struggles of Pied Piper, no matter what his area of expertise is, more so if one is just starting to learn about startups.

A tv show probably is not the best way to learn about business, but if you were going to watch tv either way, I would definitely recommend it. The characters are lovable, the concept is believable to a certain extent, and the situations are hilarious. I would have to rank it as one of my favorite shows.