Make Art for Yourself


My art: a garden hose

There are two kinds of art. The first kind is the kind you make for yourself. The second kind is the kind you make for an audience. It’s also possible for a piece of art to be both.

It’s important to make art for yourself, because you need to be able to express yourself in a way that’s consistent with who you are. For instance, I took the photo of the garden hose above. I’m sure most people won’t appreciate a photo of a garden hose. But it makes me happy. And if I say it’s my art, then nobody has the right to tell me otherwise. 🙂

It feels good to make things for myself from time to time.


You Need Spontaneity In Your Life


This is a spontaneous picture from a semi-spontaneous trip. I swear!

I’ve always been one for playing safe. With everything I do, I always try to have a backup plan, and this habit has saved my hide on numerous occasions. However, even someone as paranoid as I am can appreciate a little spontaneity.

Spontaneity = fun, plain and simple. Nobody can be happy without having even a little fun. Being fun is not as highly valued by society as other traits, such as being hardworking, but I would argue that it’s just as important. We work in order to have money to be comfortable and be happy. Fun is a huge part of that.

I don’t have a single adventurous bone in my body, but some my closest friends (including my boyfriend) do. And I really appreciate that, because without them, I’d probably be cooped up at home planning for things that will never come to fruition. I appreciate being dragged along on unplanned trips and being surprised.

So be spontaneous every now and then. Enjoy life and have fun!

Don’t Hold Yourself Back!

By me!

By me!

I haven’t posted anything in a long while. Life tends to get in the way of things. Since I last wrote here, I’ve taken a liking to photography. For the first time ever, I’m using my own image as the header on my own blog post. Who would have thought?

In my mind, photography was always something meant for “artsy people”, which is why I never thought of trying it, not for years. I was a “regular, non-artsy” person. I thought I would never enjoy it. Just goes to show how much I knew. It turns out that I love it after all, despite my supposed non-artsyness. There’s still so much to learn, but the fact that I like it, and that I can actually take pictures that are even halfway decent (at least in my eyes), feels great.

Sometimes you’re the one who’s holding yourself back. Throw those preconceived notions away. You can do whatever makes you happy.

10 Great Things About Being INTJ

Being an INTJ does have its perks.

Thought Catalog


Of the 16 personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, INTJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judging) is one of the rarest. With 1 to 2 percent of the population falling into this pathology, it’s no surprise that INTJs may sometimes feel like an alien on Earth. With a reserved demeanor that favors pragmatism over emotion, the type is often used as the framework for villains in stories.

From the outside, INTJs can seem cold and distant. Internally, they can often find themselves struggling with their identity more than other types. In case you are in that situation, or just need a reminder, here’s some of the best parts about being a rarity on this planet.

1. Always Looking to Improve

Sure ‘The Mastermind’ may be the given title to INTJs, but ‘Tinkerer’ could work just as well—if ‘tinker’ didn’t have such a wonky sound to it. INTJs are constantly on…

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3 Reasons to Strive to Be The Best Version of Yourself

1. The best version of yourself will be successful.

Success is different for everyone, in the same way that your best self will be different from my best self. Your success could be defined by your career, or your relationships, or even your legacy. Whatever that is, your best self will be good at it.

2. The best version of yourself will be your happiest self.

This is the goal, isn’t it? To position yourself to be the happiest you can be. This is why the best version of yourself will be the happiest you’ve ever been.

3. The best version of yourself will be living the best life possible.

Your best self will allow you to live the life you want to live. If that’s not worth fighting for, I don’t know what is.


So keep working. Keep learning. Strive to Do Your Own Thing.

You Have No Reason Not To Learn

Learning comes from your everyday life experiences.

For instance, losing weight teaches you to form new habits. It teaches you discipline.

Scaling back on your WOD teaches you restraint. You can’t go all-out all the time.

Having to wait for something you really want teaches you patience.

You should not be stagnant. You can get so much learning from your everyday experiences. You just have to absorb it.

There’s No Such Thing as “Forever”

from pinterest

from pinterest

People are often under the illusion that some things last forever. The hard truth is that nothing lasts forever.

There are relationships that last until the day you die. But that relationship wouldn’t be the same relationship you had when you started it. It would have evolved and changed to something unrecognizable. Something that, looking back, you never thought it would become.

The only permanent thing in the world is change, and change comes much quicker than you think.

Whatever situation you find yourself in life, relish the thought that it’s temporary. If it’s bad, all the better. If it’s good, savor it and make it last as long as you can. You may never get that chance again.

Doing Your Own Thing

There’s no such thing as a lazy person. Everyone just has their own interests, and they don’t necessarily fall into what society believes to be helpful, productive, or “adult” things to do. Take a woman who loves walking dogs, or the starving artist. Both these people are considered unproductive by some, but given the right audience, they can be appreciated.

What would the world be like if every single person had the pleasure of Doing their Own Thing? What would your life be like if you could just be Doing Your Own Thing?

I would imagine that it would be a better, happier, world. It would be a better, happier, life.

If everyone could just Do their Own Thing, everyone would be happy.

In this reality, Doing Your Own Thing is a dream, but you can still make it happen.

Your Integrity Should Come First

A day will come when you will be tempted to forego your principles. A day will come when you will be tempted to surrender your integrity, to forego your honesty.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get these things back once you’ve lost them. Is a life without them a really a life worth living?

A life without integrity is a life lived in fear.