An Intuitive Productivity App is a to-do list productivity app, available for free on the web, on iOS, and on Android. It is one among many apps with a similar offering, but it is one of the most successful.

The Good:

It has an elegant, intuitive interface

tasks’s interface is easy to use. It takes but one click to create a new task. You can also specify a due date and a folder for the task, and add any subtasks. As of the latest version, attachments can be added, as well as additional notes for each task. allows syncing of lists across all devices, which is a given for apps in this category.


It allows you to sort your lists by due date or by folder


A unique Any.Do feature is sorting by due date or by folder. Sorting by due date automatically places tasks under one of four columns: today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday. Tasks under the someday column  are for those tasks without a due date. Tasks can also be sorted by placing them under custom folders.


The sort feature, which isn’t front-and-center in other apps, is excellent for everyday to-dos such as paying the bills or buying groceries.


The Bad:

It’s inconsistent between devices


If you use Any.Do on more than one type of device, the experience is not seamless. On the web, you can cross out a task by clicking the check mark. On mobile, however, you have to do a swipe right gesture. If you like transitioning quickly from web to Android or iOS, this can be jarring.

The web app is much more satisfying to use than either of the mobile incarnations. Doing things like placing tasks in a folder or adding reminders isn’t as elegant when using the mobile versions.


It doesn’t have a dedicated iPad app

If you’re an iPad user, you’re out of luck. The app for iOS is optimized for iPhone, which means that the experience is clunky on an iPad, with huge fonts.



It’s not good for long lists

This app is not ideal for long lists or even bucket lists, as having a separate folders each for books, movies, or experiences would clutter up the desktop. Other apps such as Wunderlist are more suitable for longer lists.


It’s slightly buggy

There are some bugs still present in the app, especially since they have been rolling out a lot of new features recently. Most of these bugs are minor ones, such as not being able to cross off a task or clean up the screen immediately. No app is perfect, but bugs do detract from the overall user experience.


Overall, Any.Do is an excellent app for its one true purpose: easy To-Do lists. If that’s what you need, and you don’t mind a few quirks, it is among the best of its kind. There is almost no learning curve involved. If you need something more sophisticated, however, look elsewhere.


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