You Need Spontaneity In Your Life


This is a spontaneous picture from a semi-spontaneous trip. I swear!

I’ve always been one for playing safe. With everything I do, I always try to have a backup plan, and this habit has saved my hide on numerous occasions. However, even someone as paranoid as I am can appreciate a little spontaneity.

Spontaneity = fun, plain and simple. Nobody can be happy without having even a little fun. Being fun is not as highly valued by society as other traits, such as being hardworking, but I would argue that it’s just as important. We work in order to have money to be comfortable and be happy. Fun is a huge part of that.

I don’t have a single adventurous bone in my body, but some my closest friends (including my boyfriend) do. And I really appreciate that, because without them, I’d probably be cooped up at home planning for things that will never come to fruition. I appreciate being dragged along on unplanned trips and being surprised.

So be spontaneous every now and then. Enjoy life and have fun!


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