Confessions of a Judgy Person

I consider myself pretty high on the nonjudgmental person scale. I’ve excised the social conditioning imposed upon me on the nonjudgmental basics. I support LGBT rights, condemn racism, and respect people’s religions, or lack thereof. I try my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Despite these efforts, my brain still manages to be quite the a-hole. My knee-jerk reaction is still, even after all this time, to judge people based on my first impression of them.

I saw an obese woman ride the elevator down for just one floor. My brain instantly thinks: oh, that must be why she’s so fat. She’s lazy. This thought comes unbidden, and I was horrified upon realizing that was what I thought.

Sometimes I judge couples based on their actions, basing my judgment on my tiny sample size of successful couples who don’t live in their own bubble. But really, why do I even care?

I have my own issues, and I’m projecting them onto others. That’s what happens when one person judges another. We should all be aware when the situation is not actually not about others, but rather, about ourselves.

Judging really gets you nowhere. It didn’t lead me anywhere. All it did was waste my time and mental energy. It just fills you with negativity about things you know nothing about.

I will continue trying to make myself a better, that is, non-judgy, person, and I hope you do, too.

And to those people I’ve judged, although you won’t ever know it, I really am sorry.


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