Stop Dressing to Impress.

You can dress to impress, or dress to express. You can try to change how you dress to fit with the norm. You can go for “wearable makeup looks” all the time. And if this is really you, then it’s fine. But if it’s not you, why suppress yourself?

You can try to mold yourself to please those around you, or you can be yourself.

I’ve always leaned towards supporting self-expression. Do no harm, and just be yourself. If people around you can’t handle it, then they shouldn’t be around you. The people who truly care about you will love and support you no matter what you wear, say, or do. These people, not the ones who bring you down, deserve your time and love.

Dress to express yourself, instead.


Disclaimer: I did not, I repeat, did not, recommend that you should violate your office dress code or wear something outrageous to a job interview. ^_^


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