One Simple Trick to Get Fitter and Healthier

via recite

via recite

Sitting down all day, whether at home or in the office is known to have adverse health effects (laundry list includes hypertension, higher risk of stroke..). This trick gets you to do one very important thing: Get moving.

We all know we have to move, get 10,000 steps per day, etc. The problem here isn’t knowing what to do, it’s actually doing it. Here’s the trick.


For every bathroom break, while in the cubicle, do 10 air squats*.


That’s it. If you’re drinking a lot of water, which you should be, you’ll need to have a bathroom break every hour or so. These squats add up. You can be doing about 80 air squats in a typical work day. And your co-workers won’t even know you’re exercising. 😉

If you’re into games, you can even try HabitRPG, which is a habit-building game I recently discovered. You can set it so you can earn points for doing air squats in the bathroom, and you can earn points for drinking more water. It’s a wonderful cycle of health.

*It doesn’t HAVE to be air squats. You can do some wall push-ups, for instance. However, air squats are the easiest thing to do in a cramped cubicle.

This is actually part of my (re)weight loss journey. I’ve been struggling with all the Christmas dinners and treats, but this has been helping me maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle.

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