They May Seem SuperHuman, But They’re Not.

Our society likes to celebrate dramatic moments. Winning the Olympics. Getting that first million dollars in revenue. Finally losing 150 pounds.

What it doesn’t celebrate is the grind that it took to get there. The sweat and hard work it took to train all day, every day. To work all day, everyday. To eat well all day, everyday, with maybe one cheat meal in a week, if at all.

We see the achievements, but we don’t celebrate the behind-the-scenes. This non-celebration makes it easy for us to think of disparaging comments that belittle these people’s achievements.



“He’s on steroids. No wonder he’s so fit.” Even with steroids, it takes a whole lot of hard work to be on top.

“It’s in her genes. She had it easy.” Genetics is a factor, but it is far from being the only factor.

“He was lucky. He had rich friends.” He probably was lucky. But what makes you think you won’t be?


We make up these excuses, that these people are somehow so far from us to the point of being a member of a different species. This lets us be happy with who we are, just “normal” folks. Of course we eat McDonald’s and stay in 9-to-5’s that we don’t feel anything for, that’s what “normal” folks do.

Come on. Don’t be normal. You may not be a competitive athlete, but you can certainly try to be. You may not have a million dollars in revenue, but you can start with just a hundred dollars in revenue. You can certainly lose 150 pounds if you need to, that much I know.

You have to take that first step. Don’t pretend like these achievers aren’t human. They’re just like you and me. They probably don’t even have it all figured out. They followed their passion and just moved forward.

We should, too.



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