Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


Excuses are my pet peeve. I don’t like them unless they’re truly valid, because they’re a way to lie to yourself, and to the people around you.

My excuse is that it’s Wednesday in the Philippines, but it’s still Tuesday in the States, so that means this isn’t a late post. My excuse is that I went to a Christmas party last night, which is why I couldn’t write a post, and in fact I forgot to write a post.

No, these are not valid excuses. I apologize to you, my readers, for the late post.

In almost all situations, excuses aren’t enough. Accept the fact that you made a mistake. You may be refusing to do something just because you don’t want to. Then, take action, but move on.


For now, here is an excuse article for the occasion. Put your excuses in a pile of sh*t.


Till next time,



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