Enjoy the Journey

You’re always on a journey. There is, of course, the overarching journey of life itself. What I’m referring to, however, are the mini-journeys.

I journeyed my way through college. Currently, I’m “On the road to a life beyond expectations”. I’m sure you’re also on a mini-journey right now.

On any journey, be it a literal plane trip or a figurative one, it’s easy to focus on your destination; a little too easy, in fact. You look forward to it. You can’t wait to get there.

Patience, grasshopper. Enjoy the journey. Have faith that you will reach your destination, and enjoy the path. The path is where you learn new things. Sometimes, like during a road trip, the journey is the best part! If you keep focusing on the place you’re getting to, you’ll miss things. You’ll miss the experiences, and you’ll regret missing them.

I went through college laser-focused on graduating. I never once thought that I would miss being in college once I graduated. But I do. In fact, I miss being in college so much that part of me wants to go back to college. Imagine that.

A laser focus on the destination also blinds you to forks in the path. When you focus on the journey, you’ll see these forks, and you’ll be able to turn accordingly. During a weight loss journey, a fork may mean switching from vegan to paleo. It could also mean switching careers. If you’re too focused on the promotion, you won’t see other opportunites, like freelance writing.

It’s not that one path is necessarily better than the other, you might just like the other path more.

Savor the journey. You might never come that way again.


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