That’s Their Highlight Reel


Seeing someone doing better than me intimidates me. With social media, this happens multiple times a day. I’ve talked about this before. I look at this person’s posts and see them having a better job, or travelling somewhere, and I feel envious. Without me noticing, I start thinking of ways to justify why they can’t be better than me.

If you’re in this situation, always remind yourself: That’s their highlight reel. People won’t post anything bad about themselves online. That’s not them being secretive or dishonest. That’s just part of being human. You wouldn’t want people to know your personal troubles, either.

You’re the only one who knows your behind-the-scenes, because that’s your life. There’s no point being intimidated by others, because you don’t even know what their life is really like.

This video hits it home.


Don’t compare. Just do what you can, and live life how you want. Your life will never be perfect, but you can make the most of it.



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