Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. It Never Ends Well.



We all do it: we look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too.

Or, alternatively, we scoff at what they’re doing and judge them, and see ourselves as better.

One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior.

Neither makes us happy.


I often find that browsing social media or even the news leaves me with a hollow feeling. People seem to be doing a whole lot better than me, and I feel inferior, and intimidated.

Before I can catch myself, I’ve found ways to think of myself as somehow better, as a defense mechanism. For example, when a friend posts a photo while traveling in Europe, I think “I’m smarter than her, anyway”.  It’s either that, or I’ll automatically judge people in my head. I then feel like a terrible person for even thinking such things.

I’m trying my best to change this, and Zen Habits has a post that really helps. Here it is:


We don’t need to be better than anyone else: we just need to love where we are and what we’re doing and who we are. That’s what matters.


I hope we can all be happier for it.


11 thoughts on “Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. It Never Ends Well.

  1. I’ve recently achieved inner peace with this. Hehe. It helps when you know what you want and you’re only invested in acquiring it instead of wandering around looking at what others have. You’ll start to feel happy for others and appreciate your own progress more too.

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    • Good advice. Thanks! I’ve found a problem with that for me, though. I know what I want, and when I see others who have exactly what I want, then I feel really envious. I do understand what you mean, though. I think it could also work for me in most cases.


  2. Well said Rhoda. And brave too for being so honest about it all. I agree, and have the same feelings sometimes. It’s only human to compare and contrast. But ultimately it’s about bettering yourself and living the best life possible, according to you.

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