You Can’t Be Perfect


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You can’t do everything. You are human, which means you have limits. You can’t do all you want to do without sacrificing something else. That is the reality of it. You’re not going to be the perfect girlfriend, super fit employee, published writer, and awesome entrepreneur all at the same time. Not right now. You’re not going to be that perfect vision of yourself. You’re always going to be grasping at that vision.

But it’s okay, because you are human, because you have limits, and because without the constant struggles, the achievements won’t feel as good as they should.

Give yourself permission to be human. Take care of yourself — spend time to work out, sleep, relax, and meditate. Your work will still be around when you’re done, and it will also benefit from you being at your best.

You’re never going to be perfect. You should always try your best, but make sure you don’t kill yourself trying.



This is Day 4 of Blogging 101. My dream reader is, funnily enough, myself. This blog post is the answer to the question: “What do I need to hear right now?”


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