Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Be That Guy.


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It’s irritating when people commit to something, especially something others are depending on, but never follow through. How many times have you heard someone say that “Tomorrow, I’m really going on that diet” or “I’m going to submit an article by the end of this week”, or “I swear I’m going to your birthday party”? How many times do they actually do what they said they would? And if they don’t do what they say, will you trust them to do what they say in the future?

Part of it is making time. Part of it is focus. But really, it comes down to one thing: Commitment. Commitment means staying true to your word, even when it starts to suck, and even if circumstances change.

Another important part of this is staying on course even if you screw it up. Cheated on that diet? Make up for it on the next meal. Couldn’t finish before the deadline? Submit that article ASAP. Late to that birthday party? Go as soon as you can, or if you can’t, at least contact the celebrant to say sorry. Take responsibility and correct your actions in the best way that you can.

Yes, it’s true that you shouldn’t commit blindly, and it’s also true that you shouldn’t follow through blindly. There are exceptions to everything. But you should be able to discern between actual reasons, and mere excuses. If you want to back out of an engagement you absolutely committed to, is it because there was an emergency, or is it because you felt like staying at home?

Being reliable also lets you gain the trust of the people around you. Do you want to be known as the person who can never be relied on? That guy who never actually comes to the party? That guy who never meets deadlines? No one wants to work with unreliable people. Being unreliable can, and will, cost you valuable friendships.

I try my best to fulfill my commitments. I don’t always follow through, and I’m often late, but that is something I am aware of. I always attempt to fix things, and I’m doing my best to change, and be a better person.

All I’m saying is, you don’t want to be that guy.

Notes: This is my post for Day 2 of Blogging 101. It also doubles as my regular Tuesday post. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Be That Guy.

  1. Word. Commitment is a good thing. I have a certain tolerance for people who keep breaking their promises but I generally have a “5 times you’re out” policy: I’ll give everyone the same respect and punctuality, but if someone proves they are untrustworthy enough times (including breaking engagements, being late, failing to show up to promised events without good reason), I disengage. Just valuing my own time and protecting myself

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      • Yes. But I’m a sucker for sentimentality and often history (like long time friends) trumps the hurt. Yet the older I get the more I value my own time and who I spend it with, so yes, in certain cases calling quits or keeping a distance may be the best policy. At least till the person changes his/her un-committal habits!

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  2. I have a lot of work to do but i’m procrastinating over your post…and enjoying it !
    A lot of people don’t actually realize how commitment is important to their cercle of friends and family.And it matters so much because it defines the type of person you are.And you better be the one who joins his actions to his words…


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