Never Too Late: Day 6 of the Gratitude Challenge


It’s never too late to do anything. If it’s something you want to do, or indeed, something you’ve always wanted to do, you can do it. Don’t let anything stop you.

This post is late, due to internet problems. Here is Day 6 of my 7-Day Gratitude Challenge. Today, I am thankful for..

1. Time to Relax
Saturdays are wonderful. There should at least be three Saturdays a week.
2. A good night’s rest
3. Cha Dao Matcha Milk Tea
4. Steak
5. Dixit
Happy times with friends
6. Modern technology
Enabling us to find, create, and show our work to the world.
7. Love

Don’t let lateness stop you from doing the things you love. 😉


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