On Limited Time: Day 4 of the Gratitude Challenge

photo by steve johnson

photo by steve johnson

I don’t bring my own watch. When riding in public transportation, I look at other people’s watches to find out what time it is. Every time I do this, I notice one thing: Each watch has a different time. One watch can have as much as a 30-minute time difference as another.

There is one reason for this. Each person perceives and handles time differently. I personally know people who set their watches 30 minutes in advance to fool themselves into not being late. Others, like myself, prefer knowing the exact time.

This somehow leads me to morbid thoughts. Each of us has a different amount of time allotted for our lives, and we don’t know how long. If you could, would you want to find out?

I don’t want to know. If I don’t know, then I can spend each happy day as if it was my last.

I didn’t mean this to be depressing. I just feel that most people, including myself, don’t put enough value in each day. We let time pass without spending enough time with our loved ones. Before we know it, it could all be gone.

On a brighter note, here are the things I am thankful for!


Day 4 of the Gratitude Challenge

1. A long, satisfying sleep
I woke up at 9:30am, which was way too late. I do feel very refreshed, though.

2. A wonderful breakfast
Not because of the food in particular, but because of the people.

3. Finishing today’s tasks
Accomplishing things makes me feel good.

4. My boyfriend’s cooking
Beef caldereta.

5. Birthday celebrations involving barbeque and lumpia
Food is good.

6. Safe travelling
Traveled to and from home without incident.

7. Love in the world
As always.

‘Till tomorrow, then.


4 thoughts on “On Limited Time: Day 4 of the Gratitude Challenge

  1. Morbid thoughts they may be but I find them illuminating. I think I’d want to know my time limit. It would push me to really live life. Sometimes people don’t notice the important things in life until they are facing a deadline, which is why I like these gratitude challenges. It forces people to appreciate the small things. Great post 🙂

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