To Little Acts of Kindness: Day 3 of the Gratitude Challenge

SplitShire_IMG_4461A lady offered me a seat in the train, and she will never know how thankful I was.

I was having a bleak morning. I wasn’t back to 100% yet, but I had to go to work, and to go to work I had to ride the train. To ride the train, I had to climb four whole flights of stairs while lugging my huge bag plus a smaller bag, my head pounding, my belly literally aching, and my sweat pouring.

I managed to get inside the train, standing up. Seats in the train were rare during that time of day. A couple of stations later, an empty seat presented itself, but a lady was right in front of it. I was resigned to the fact that she would get the seat, as was her right. She didn’t. She made eye contact with me — a conversation without words.

She looked at me. “You get it.”

I looked back. “No, it’s fine. You should sit down.”

She gestured. “No, you sit down.”

I mumbled a thank you and sat down. I positioned my bags, and the relief was instant. That lady will probably never know how much she brightened my day. She continued standing for several stations until the person sitting next to me stood up and left, after which she finally sat down.

I don’t know whether I just looked pitiful with my huge bag and possibly pained expression, but she must have sensed that I needed that seat. She offered it to me even if she clearly wanted to sit down, too. And by this simple gesture, I am reminded that there really is still good in the world.

I should have told her how much it meant to me. Next time I encounter someone truly worth thanking, I will.


Here is Day 3 of my 7-day Gratitude Challenge.

1. Little acts of kindness
I am thankful that there are still people like that in the world, especially in the city where it’s usually every man for himself.

2. Rurouni Kenshin billboards in EDSA
These reminders of my childhood made me smile.

3. A smooth train ride
I am thankful for each smooth train ride on the MRT, especially in light of recent incidents.

4. A mini-Eureka moment
Had another of these at work. A one-line code fix.

5. My teammates at work
I’m really blessed to be part of a happy team: we’re all friends who work together really well. I recognize how rare that is these days.

6. Longganisa with egg
Always a spot reserved for food here.

7. Love
Love is always the answer 😉

I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me..


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