I Don’t Appreciate Things Until They’re Gone: The Gratitude Challenge

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We’ve all been guilty of the sin of non-appreciation. I most certainly have. We don’t realize how much we actually have until they’re gone. Our health, our families, our friends, our homes, our possessions – these are all things we take for granted, every single day.

Before we know it, out of nowhere, life will hit us with a devastating blow,  and we will lose something. Only then will we realize how important that thing was. Only then will we regret not appreciating it.

We should start being grateful now. Studies have shown that being grateful for the things we already have is the key to happiness. Perhaps as a way to help people experience this, or possibly form a habit, Gratitude Challenges have been circulating in social media. I was tagged by a friend on one such challenge today.


Here is Day 1 of my 7-Day Gratitude Challenge. Today, I am grateful for..

1. My boyfriend, who is taking care of me because I’m sick. He also cooked for me. :3

2. My amazing job that lets me have time off when I need it

3. Cha Dao Matcha milk tea: So yummy.

4. The internet for giving me so many things to enjoy

5. Modern medicine for making it easy to get well from minor sicknesses like the flu.

6. Fate:Zero

7. My laptop

I have tagged the seven people on my Facebook page.

Even if you aren’t tagged, I encourage you to do this challenge. Not only is it a useful exercise, it also makes you so much happier. 🙂


One thought on “I Don’t Appreciate Things Until They’re Gone: The Gratitude Challenge

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