The Secret to Having Time


I stand by my opinion that if you “don’t have time”, you’re doing it wrong.
I, however, don’t have time either. I know perfectly well how you feel.

Barely scraping by
Between my full-time job, creating apps, writing on this blog, and spending time with my loved ones, how do I ever find time for fitness?

From four times a week, my CrossFit sessions have decreased to three times, and then to two times. I’m barely maintaining.

The secret: Bare minimum
I am, however, doing the bare minimum. Two is the minimum number of times I need to go in a week to maintain my fitness. Right now, that’s all I want.

As I’ve said before, we all have a same size pie: 24 hours in a day. In order to have a larger slice for one thing, other things will have to suffer. There are ways to get around this, but these can only do so much. Once you’ve completely trimmed the fat, you’ve reached the limit.

In my case, my fitness goals have taken a back seat in comparison to my life goals*. That is something I have to do, and that’s perfectly fine.


Check your priorities and reexamine your life. Are there things where you can scrape by just doing the minimum? What are the things you can cut back on in order to pursue the things you need or want?



*That, and a few episodes of Shark Tank a week. I would go crazy without some chill time, and I wouldn’t be as productive.


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