Facing that Fear of Failure


I am seconds away from doing something I have never done before: releasing my first app for Android.

I’m scared: What if nobody downloads it? What if something goes wrong? What if people hate me for releasing this?

I’m apprehensive: What if it’s buggy? What if I get 9,876,457 bad reviews?

I’ve gotten nightmares wherein I released apps and it turned out badly.

These fears are unfounded, I tell myself. But they’re not really unfounded, they can technically actually happen.

Then again, even if they happen, they don’t mean anything to me at all. I won’t be less of a person because nobody downloads the app, or even if everybody hates it. It would mean that I made mistakes, but these are mistakes I can learn from.

There really isn’t a risk here. I am holding myself back.

It’s time to Just Do It.

Here it is, an app for finding dozens of Magic: The Gathering card shops all over Manila. It’s called HanapMTG. It’s only available in the Google Play store for the Philippines.

Get it on Google Play


3 thoughts on “Facing that Fear of Failure

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