Why You Will Never Achieve Your Goals


I’ve heard it a whole lot.

“Aren’t you going to the gym?”
“Can’t. I don’t have time.”

“Haven’t you always wanted to learn Photoshop?”
“I’ve wanted to for years! It’s just, I don’t have the time.”

NaNoWriMo?” “No time!”

I hate it when people say that they want to do something, but “I don’t have time”. Let me say it straight: You will never have the time. Ever.

Everyone is given 24 hours in a day. Everyone has obligations. You are not special. People who manage to pursue their dreams, those who got fit, those who are excellent at their jobs, they worked frakking hard to get to where they are. They made the time.

I don’t care how you fit it in. I can go on and on about multitasking techniques, productivity tips, and fitting work into your commute, but these are trivial. If you can’t figure out a way make time for it now, then face it: You just don’t want it bad enough.

Want to prove me wrong? Make that time.


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