Making the Most of Your Everyday Commute


Commuting in Manila can be extremely draining. It’s probably the same in many cities in the world. Thankfully, draining does not have to mean boring or unproductive. Here are a few ways to make the most of your commute.

Watch useful videos
Downloading or streaming videos to your phone can be a very productive way to pass the time. Many sites like coursera or udacity offer extremely useful video tutorials for free. You can learn a new skill or get updated on the latest news in your industry. If possible, try not to end up watching two hours of Game of Thrones.

Catch up on some work
Your phone is a goldmine of productivity tools. In fact, I’m writing this post in a crowded FX (it’s highly possible someone is reading this right now. Hi person!). Besides blogging, you can work on your to-do list, read up on news updates, check your email, or even read an ebook.

Listen to an audiobook
I’m 2/3 of the way through the World War Z audiobook. This is an excellent book in particular to listen to, by the way. It definitely adds to the overall feel, and I would rather listen to it rather than read it. Doing this can free up your time later that you might otherwise spend reading. Audiobooks also don’t make me dizzy, which is a big factor why I’d rather listen during my commute rather than read.

Listen to Podcasts
Podcasts are a goldmine of information. Radio on demand? Sign me up!
My favorite podcast by far is the Jillian Michaels Show. She covers a lot of topics besides fitness. I have a much better outlook on life because of it. I’ve listened to all (>100 episodes) of this show, and look forward to it each week. I also recommend the Tim Ferriss Show (Tim Tim Talk Talk!), because he’s a successful entrepreneur interviewing many amazing, successful people in this show. I also love the lifestyle he advocates. These tend to be longer podcasts with various inbetweenisodes. There is a lot to be learned out there.


If you can sleep comfortably during your commute, by all means do so. If you’re sleep-deprived, every little bit helps. I wouldn’t suggest doing this if you’re not particularly sleepy or comfortable, or if you might miss your stop. If you do this often enough though, you’ll have the magic ability to consistently wake up at your stop.


To be honest, commutes are a necessary evil. But then, they don’t have to be a waste of time.


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