We have good days. We have okay days. Then, there are the bad days.

Today was a bad day. It’s one of those days where your bad mood gets compounded with encounter after frustrating encounter with people, with stress-inducing situations, and with bad news after bad news after bad news. It’s as if the world decided that today, on this day, you will have all the minor annoyances until you just want to scream at the world and bawl.

Then, just when you think it’s over, something even worse will add to the mix. It’s as if all your bad karma snowballed and decided to hit you on this one day.

On this day, on this one day that happens to everyone, there is one thing you – or anyone – should remember to do. Stop what you’re doing, and breathe. Focus on breathing. Remind yourself that you’re still alive. No matter how bad the situation, and how frustrating the people you encounter may seem, you’re alive, and that’s what matters. Tomorrow will be a new day, a short while away. Remind yourself that, inevitably, there will be happier moments ahead, you just have to wait for them to happen. Things will get better. Thankfully, you’re still breathing.


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